By train

Trains leave the Budapest Keleti station in every hour. The ones leaving at odd hours are direct, the ones leaving at even hours require you to change trains in Füzesabony. Most of these are fast trains and will take about two hours and 20 minutes to arrive. Hourly IC trains will take you directly to Füzesabony, cutting the total travel time to just less than two hours. For these trains seat reservation is required.

If you come from Miskolc your options are similar, except there is no direct service and you will have to change trains in Füzesabony. IC trains take just less than an hour to arrive.

By bus

Buses leave Budapest's Stadionok station for Eger twice an hour and the trip takes more than two hours. Less if you travel with the express service. Most major cities in Hungary also have direct bus connections to Eger.

By car

The easiest way to arrive is to take the M3 as far as Füzesabony, then continue north on route 25. For a more scenic route from Miskolc.

Get around

The train station is located about a twenty minute 2km walk from the downtown area and most attractions. Walk over to Deák Ferenc street and walk north until you reach the Basilica. You can also take buses #10, 11, or 12. If you arrived by bus, the town bus station is located downtown directly behind the Basilica.

Once downtown, the city is small and best walked on foot. You won't need alpine boots, but high-heeled shoes are still not good as there is much cobblestone pavement downtown.

However, the town has a taxi service which is especially useful if you arrive by train or if your hotel is outside of the town center (phones: +3636555-555, +3636333-333).

Also, if you go for some outdoor activities near the town there are some buses connecting the town with the suburbs. Check at the main bus station for schedules.


Please note that the local currency in Hungary is Hungarian Forint, HUF (1 euro is approximately 305 HUF). The majority of shops and restaurants accept international credit cards.